Portraits - Manuel Cabanillas

Manuel Cabanillas (aka scuba manu)

Underwater Photography



Cockatoo Waspfish (Ablabys taenianotus), Negros, Philippines
When the dorsal fin of this fish is spread, it looks like a crest resembling the one on a cockatoo. The thorns of the dorsal fin are venomous. It belongs to the scorpionfishes family.
This species is benthic and nocturnal. It is an opportunistic predator and ambushes passing prey while mimicking a crumpled, dead leaf or a drifting piece of seaweed.
Olympus OMD EM5 MkII, Zuiko 60mm Macro Lens, Nauticam Housing, Dual Inon Z-240 Strobes. Settings 1/125, f/16, ISO250

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